Is CBD Safe for Cats To Use?

CBD oil is one of the hottest sensations in the world of home remedies. More and more people are considering using CBD oil to treat inflammation, arthritis, anxiety and other issues. The effects of CBD on humans are well known, but what about CBD for pets?

So far, studies into the use of CBD oil in cats are limited. Traditional veterinarians do not have a policy of recommending CBD because of the lack of evidence of its effectiveness. With that said, holistic vets are sometimes recommending it as a general remedy for anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

CBD is Thought to Be Safe

Holistic veterinarians consider CBD oil to be safe, and to be useful as a general remedy. It has few, limited side effects, and those side effects are both rare and temporary. Some cats experience sedation and gastrointestinal distress from the use of CBD oil. These symptoms go away when the use of the oil is discontinued.

Even holistic vets, however, are quick to emphasize that CBD oil is a treatment for symptoms, not a cure for the cause. For this reason, it is important that you make use of vets if you think that your cat is unwell. Do not rely on CBD at the expense of conventional medicine. Use it as an addition to conventional medicine if the vet gives you the all-clear to do so, but understand that it is more of a supplement than a medicine.

Note that while CBD appears to be safe for cats, marijuana itself is not. There have been numerous documented cases of marijuana toxicity in household cats. So if you keep marijuana in the house be sure to keep it locked out of the way of your pets, just in case. Small doses can cause extreme distress and bigger doses may be fatal.